Pilot Examination Services

Professionalism and Safety

    Checkrides are stressful, but I take a professional approach to each applicant and do my best to create a relaxed environment. I WANT you to succeed in your aviation pursuits, and nothing makes me happier to see the satisfaction on the face of a pilot after a successful checkride.

    Arriving at the checkride well prepared is the first step in having a good checkride experience; to facilitate this, there are links to some simple online forms below that you need to complete at least 24 hours before the scheduled checkride.

Examination Fees

Below is a detailed list of DPE services. These prices are only valid when the checkride is conducted at Russellville, Arkansas. Prices are subject to change and will vary when traveling to locations other than Russellville.

Private Pilot Single Engine Land $500
Private Pilot Multi Engine Land $600
Private Pilot Instrument $500
Commercial Pilot Pilot Single Engine Land $500
Commercial Pilot Multi Engine Land $600
Flight Instructor Initial $900
Flight Instructor Instrument Add-on $500
Flight Instructor Multi Engine Add-on $600
ATP Multi-Engine $600
Administrative MilComp/CFI Renewal/etc. $70
Re-test Prices will vary $100-$600